Red Hand

NWBD's third record, Red Hand, was released on November 15, 2014. The release was feted by The Rogue's Revel record release party at Brooklyn's House of Collection. It was a joyous affair of music, costume, magic, dance, friends, and high spirits. Thanks to everyone who helped make it so.

NWBD's first two records, Any Old Iron (2008) and Processional (2011), are available to stream/buy/share right here thanks to Bandcamp.


Thanks a Lot, Lancelot

Sleep Before I Wake


Our first show at The Living Room's new location: 134 METROPOLITAN AVE. With Church of Betty.


See Kickstarter Haiku Rewards

Thank you for making the Kickstarter a success and The Rogue's Revel record release party for Red Hand such a blast!


Photo by David Siegel.

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Haiku Thank You

For your contribution to the Red Hand Kickstarter campaign — a haiku of gratitude, from us to you.
Ahead in the snow
Fire against the blind night, Matt
leads us home again
Matthew Brown, keep the home fires burning!
Ice skates on North Lake
Trace a path across our hearts
full of thanks, Elsbeth
Elsbeth Brown, we love you!
Sky luminescence
colors the dusk, dawn and the
aura of Ali
Ali Luminescent, keep coloring outside the lines!
Charlie smiles, leans
back on his Throne of Shotguns
Whispers two words: "horse ..."
Charlie Hailey, fill in the blank!
From Singapore shores
come warm winds, tomorrow's sun
and a gift from Max
Max Theobald, we sail tonight!
Queen City rises
Alexis keeps the promise
of the dogwood bloom
Alexis Gordon, may you spring ever forward!
Straggled, salt-pepper
beard belie mischievous boy
Mom hugs to this day
Carol Uhlig, hugs from all us kids!