New York Magazine

It was a rollicking steampunk hoedown... We left in a daze.

Indie Shuffle

Processional sounds as though itís made up of about 1,000 moving parts, not least due to the dizzying array of instruments being played (viola, banjo, whiskey bottles, and the saw, to name a few). Rather than sounding busy, however, the album acquires an intensely layered feel; tracks stand solidly alone but are even more effective as part of the cohesive whole.


Like a drunken fest in a Romanian Gypsy camp. At this hoe down Peter the Great would show you his baby skeletons in his cabinet of curiosities; you'd see less teeth, more fishnet, more velvet.


...pops & rattles with an old world urgency.

Heroes of Indie Rock

The music teeters on a precipice of control and chaos and sometimes recklessly, joyfully and maybe purposefully propels itself over the edge. This trapeze act is without a safety net and therefore the best thrills are had.

Lucid Culture

Menacing, dramatic noir cabaret, like the Dresden Dolls but better.

Knocks From the Underground

...combines indie rockability with the eclectic sounds of folk music and catchy pop vocals that have an interesting touch of cabaret flavor.

Charlotte Examiner

Not Waving But Drowning put on a jazz show of unique instrumentation and technical competency with onstage antics and comic delivery.


Loads of multi-layered vocals, unusual instrumentation, and peculiar sounds bleed in and out of the speakers... Cool provocative stuff.

Live & Local on WFNP

...a fusion of fast and folksy klezmer with the spunk of psychobilly punk.

Fluff Radio

Together they form one of the most original bands this here city has seen in a long long time.


You get a fine blend of cabaret, folk and old ballads. What can I say other than I am seriously impressed.

Collected Sounds

Not Waving but Drowning are clearly not like other bands, and all the better for it.

Publisher's Weekly

It has a '30s style...cheery and fast


Within 39 minutes, we get folk rock, indie pop, blues rock, freak folk, chamber pop and gypsy punk...